Quick Turn

Our experienced machininsts can take a part print, or a knapkin sketch, and make it a workable part. Small lot machining, from 1 to 25 parts per order, is our area of  expertise. Lead times are generally under two weeks and we do respond to emergencies.

We do know that when your equipment is down, or you really need that part to make a shipment, time is money and we take that seriously. Of course we do also appreciate the "planned order" that supports your production schedule and we would look forward to partnering with you as one of your machined parts suppliers.



  • Large Machining

Bearing Case and Shaft Repair

You rely on your equipment to keep your business running and when it is worn, it is far less productive and may jeapordize your ability to serve your customers.

Gazzam is able to keep you running by restoring your worn bearing cases and shafts to like new specs. Bearing cases (end bells) can be rebored and resleeved in our shop allowing your equipment to remain in place while the end bells are sent ot us for restoration. Shafts can also be rewelded and the keyways recut. If needed, a replacement shaft can be made from the sample sent to us.



For round, flat parts, we have turning capability from 1/2 inch diameter up to 100 inches in diameter and from 2 to 54 inches in height.

For shaft-like parts we have turning capability from 1/2 inches to 36 inches in diameter and from 5 inches long to 16 feet long.

Our horizontal milling machines have travels up to 60" x 48" to machine housings.