Large Machining

A business making large custom components  for the process industries in western Pennsylvania;  the Steel, Petrochemical and Mining industries.



  • Large Machining

Vertical Turning

Our Vertical Lathes are ideal for rings and housings up to 100" in diameter and up to 54" high. Our experienced machinists have been machining large parts for all of their careers and so know what it takes to give you a workable part.


Shaft Machining

We have several large shaft lathes, the largest of which can madhine parts up to 36" in diameter and 16 feet long. These machines, combined with the experience of our seasoned machining staff, can give you machined shafts for large blowers, gear boxes, electric motors and other mill and mine equipment. 

  • Horizontal Milling

hoizontal milling

Our large horizontal mills have the capability, in the hands of our experienced staff machinists, to produce housings for gear boxes and other equipment to exacting standards especially for low-volume, one-of-a-kind equipment.



Most power transmission equipment transmits power though a keyway and Gazzam has the equipment to do keyways up to 2.5" in width and up to 22" in length. Imagine that!

When combined with our large turning lathes and large horizontals mills, your whole project can be machined at Gazzam. We've been doing it for over 110 years now!