A specialty for Gazzam machine is our keyway capability. Unique keyway machines are able to produce internal keyways in gears and other power transmisson parts. Keyways up to 22" long can be produced. If it has a keyway, you should be talking to us about Gazzam making the whole part because the hardest part is often the keyway!

  • Internal Keyways

Internal Keyways

Intenal keyways up to 22" long and 2.5 inches wide are capable of being produced on our unique machines. Of course keyways down to 1/4 inches wide are easily done too on our smaller keyway machines.


External Keyways

Shaft requiring keyways are easily accomodated on our horizontal milling machines.


Since an internal keyway is often the hardest feature on a part to produce, Gazzam is able to competely produce some of the most challenging parts for power transmission components.