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Our Machining History - Gazzam Machine

In 1906 Pittsburgh was a hotbed of innovation and Henry Parker Gazzam started a machine shop. That Machine shop thrives 113 years and two world wars later. Gazzam Machine is still at the heart of Pittsburgh's hottest technlogy row in the Strip district, "Robotics Row".

Beginning as a manufacturer of bread and bakery machinery in 1906, Gazzam evolved thru two world wars into a full service machine shop serving the mills and mines of western Pennsylvania. Now as robotics companies take Pittsburgh into a new era of automation and machinery, Gazzam is keeping pace by producing part for robotics companies on "Robotics Row", the National Robotics Center and the Pittsburgh Universities as well as our traditional customer base of heavy equipment manufacturing and servicing companies in and around western Pennsylvania.

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Company Directory

General Manager: Matthew Mawhinney P.E. (Office) 412-471-6647  (Cell) 412-915-7482

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