Custom Production Machining

Gazzam Machine's CNC machinery can produce repetitive parts in volume for equipment builders in Western Pennsylvania. We've produced parts for the chemical industry, robotics industry, steel and mining equipment builders and others.



  • Large Machining

Production Machining

Identical, interchangable parts produced on time and on buget. Let us work with you to keep your assembly line producing equipment by supplying good parts on time. 

We know you have a customer to serve too and we work with our customers to keep them stocked with shelf parts that enable them to build equipment to order when the call comes in.


CNC Milling & Turning

Gazzam can typically handle CNC turning round parts up to 20" diameter by 60 inches long.

For housings and other non-rotating parts Gazzam can typically handle up to 60 x 60 x 60 parts.

Depending on the configurtion of the part, larger parts can be accommodated. Just call us to discuss you needs.

On-Time Delivery 

We know that keeping your assembly line running is what keeps you in business and we take seriously our schedule commitments.