GAZZAM MACHINE : Pittsburgh Machining & Custom Production Fabrication Shop

Are you looking for a capable machine shop that knows how to treat customers right, makes good parts and keeps to its schedule promises? Then you've come to the right place.

We've been in business for 113 years and so we must be doing something right. Take a look through these pages; - we have the capability to make small parts AND the capability to do large parts. Small lots of one to twenty-five pieces is our sweet spot.

Large Machining

large machining

Gazzam Machine can make rings and round parts from 8 to 100 inches in diameter and from 2 to 54 inches high. We can also machine milled parts up to 60 X 48 X 48. Depending on part configuration, if it fits in a box up to 16 feet long we can probably machine it.

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Custom pRoduction Machining

custom production machining

Using the latest CNC machinery and tooling, Gazzam Machine is able to supply your needs for production and service parts to keep your operation building machinery or keep your service parts customers happy.

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Quick Term

Quick Turn

We know that time is money for you, and so our repair business for shafts and bearing housings is built on the idea of getting you back in production fast. We have all the capabilities in house to restore shafts and housing to working order so even older equipment can be revitalized.

For smaller HVAC equipment, we can turn shafts around in a day and ship them out to you wherever you are in the US.

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